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We want to remain active and independent for as long as possible. That is why we all care about our physical fitness. Get to know our team and their passions.

Origin Polska

prezes Kristof Jacuński

Kristof Jacunski

Managing director

He has over thirty years of experience in planning, development and management of real estate ventures, including residential, commercial, retail and office uses. He holds degrees in architecture, planning, and business management. He has worked in Poland, and then, since 1984, in NYC and Toronto. In 1997, he returned to the Polish business scene participating in introduction of the Canadian company, Cineplex Odeon, to the Central European market. He then joined Chelverton, a British real estate developer, as the Business Development Director, where he was responsible for the expansion of the Polish division. In 2002, he started TOM Investment Group, a real estate development consulting firm. Between 2006-2010, as a manager of CEEPS Polska, he oversaw the development of several large real estate investments across Poland. In 2013, along with Neil Prashad, the owner of Canadian company Origin Active Lifestyle Communities, he founded Origin Polska and has been serving as the company’s CEO since.

członek zarządu

Karol Bulenda

Administrative Director Member of the Board

Administrative Director, ORIGIN Polska Member of the Board A graduate of the Warsaw University - Faculty of Law and Administration. He specializes in civil, administrative and real estate law. Licensed property manager; a long-standing legal adviser/Chancellor and lecturer at the Real Estate University in Warsaw; member of the International Commission of Jurists and author of numerous legal publications on civil law.

dyrektor ds. rehabilitacji

dr Rafał Trąbka

Director of rehabilitation

Master's degree in Physiotherapy. A graduate of the Bronisław Czech Academy of Physical Education in Cracow – Physical Therapy, Movement and Rehabilitation Department. PHD in Health Sciences from Jagiellonian University, Collegium Medicum (2017). For over a dozen years, he has actively participated in conferences and workshops on physiotherapy. He completed numerous courses in Poland and abroad on special physiotherapeutic methods and techniques. Awarded several times for speeches at conferences in the country and abroad. Involved in social work and activities related to development of physiotherapy. A long-term member of the Management Board of the Polish Physiotherapy Association - the Lesser Poland Branch and its vice-president. He co-organized the first election of delegates to the National Chamber of Physiotherapists in Lesser Poland. From 2016 a member of the Higher Disciplinary Court at the Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists. Hobbies: tennis, judo, football and boxing.


Agnieszka Dodacka

design director

Hobbies: swimming, yoga and meditation.

Asystentka zarządu ds. operacyjnych - Hanna Białkowska-Przybylska

Hanna Białkowska-Przybylska

Board assistant

A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology and the Warsaw School of Management with many years of experience in creating business ventures, managing corporate (local) sales network and in implementing social projects. Hobbies: tourism, gardening, recreational swimming and skiing.

Centrum origin Otwock

Bożena Jędrzejczak

medical manager

Master's degree in Economics and Healthcare Organization. A graduate of the University of Insurance and Banking in Warsaw, and the Academy of Finance in Warsaw. Qualified nurse, who graduated from Medical Vocational School No. 1 in Krakow and gained experience in the Second Allergy and Immunology Clinic in Krakow and the Lux Med Group in Warsaw. For several years she had worked in a private clinic in London. She has many years of experience in team management and healthcare organization. She loves to expand knowledge and skills related to personal development, especially for professional growth. She is passionate about life; she works out in the gym and rides a bike.


Anna Błażejczyk

head of receptionist

A graduate of the Faculty of Economics of the Radom University of Technology (Economics and Organization of Trade and Services) and the SIG College of Management in Warsaw (Human Resources Management). Hobbies: international; traveling, volleyball, bike riding, skiing.

Catherine Zaraś


Master's degree from the Academy of Special Education (2010) and postgraduate education from the School of Social Psychology in Warsaw (2012). She worked with the Avalon foundation, and also taught master's and post-graduate studies at Warsaw universities (APS, SWPR). She is constantly expanding her professional knowledge and skills by participating in courses and conferences, and conducts specialized training for speech therapists. Hobbies: balboa dancing, Lisbon and American films of the 1940s.

Ewa Parol

ward nurse

A nursing school graduate with several years of experience in working as a nurse and a team leader. She loves people - it gives her strength she uses in her professional duties. Hobbies: walking and bike riding. She loves animals, especially dogs.

kierownik fizjoterapii

Kamil Kozioł

head of physiotherapy

Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. Professionally active as a physiotherapist since 2009. He is constantly developing his professional skills (PNF techniques, IBITA Bobath, Cyriax). Hobbies: cycling, swimming and rock climbing.


Klaudia Szymczak


Master’s degree in Physiotherapy. She has been working as a physiotherapist for over 5 years, mainly with neurological patients and patients with back pain. She specializes in PNF techniques, Kinesio taping (KT1, KT2), soft tissue therapy (module 1 -dr. Ciechomski), massage, early post-stroke rehabilitation, needling and manual trigger point therapy. Hobbies: charity work, roller-skating and cycling.


Jakub Barejko


Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Physical Education in Warsaw. He has many years of professional experience that started at the Banacha Hospital. Hobbies: football, swimming, mountain hiking.

Martyna Baran 4

Martyna Baran


Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Physical Education in Warsaw. She gained professional experience in a rehabilitation clinic in the United States. An avid supporter of a healthy lifestyle, she practices fitness.


Daria Tober


Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from the Warsaw School of Rehabilitation. She completed 1st and 2nd degree massage courses, PNF course, neurodevelopmental diagnostics and rehabilitation of children, early post-stroke rehabilitation. She has 4 years of experience in working with adults and children. Hobbies: hiking and cycling in the forests surrounding Otwock.

Klaudia Kłucińska

patient flow coordinator

She has been working in customer service for 6 years. Hobbies: bike riding, celebrating in the kitchen with friends.


Michał Popiński


Educator, therapist, gerontologist, geriatric psychomotor specialist. He has been working with the elderly for 20 years and as an occupational therapist has been involved in andragogy focused on special needs adults as well as in geriatrics and holistic movement-based development. He completed several courses in the field of play-based and group work pedagogy and a course on methods and techniques regarding geriatric psychomotor functions, focused on people with dementia (in Germany). Currently he is a PhD student in pedagogy at the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the Lower Silesian University and carries out research in the field of geriatric psychomotor under the guidance of prof. Adam Zych. Author of numerous articles in the field of geriatric psychomotor. He runs Identity clinic – psychomotor skills workshops and is a host of a program "Nursing home" on Radio Warsaw. Hobbies: Bal-AVis- X training, mime techniques.


Natalia Kopyść

occupational therapist

Degree in Pedagogical Therapy from the Medical College in Łuków. Hand therapist, responsible for training sessions in our special training apartment. She has over 10 years of work experience and completed many courses and trainings in ergotherapy and oligophrenic pedagogy. Her life motto is the desire to help people who need support and conversation, which is why she likes to infect people with good energy. Hobbies: helping people who need help and conversation, infecting people with good energy, spending free time at the lake or at the pool.

terapeuta zajęciowy

Blanka Woźniak

occupational therapist

A graduate of the Leon Koźmiński’s College of Entrepreneurship and Management in Warsaw. She completed a Course for Volunteers and Sick Patients organized by the Otwock Society for Palliative Care. She worked as a volunteer at the Otwock division of Polish Red Cross. A student at the Post- Secondary Medical School Complex in Otwock in the field of Occupational Therapist. Certified Snoezelen Method Specialist - run by representatives of ISNA-MSE Polska.

Dom Seniora

Katarzyna Grzegrzółka

occupational therapist

A graduate of the Teachers College in Special Education and Care and Rehabilitation Pedagogy as well as of the Post-secondary Medical School. In the profession of occupational therapist he has been working for over 5 years with people with various diseases. She completed a variety of courses related to subjects of teamwork, communication, and managing people. Hobbies: handcrafts and long walks.

Dom Seniora

Katarzyna Turowska-Królak

occupational therapist

She graduated from the Medical Post-secondary School in the field of Occupational Therapy; completed courses in the field of Hand Therapy, Communication with the Patient, Decoupage Technique, and Photography. Has the Stiftelsen Silviahemmet Certificate of the Queen of Sweden Foundation "Therapy of people with Alzheimer and dementia". Lecturer at the University of the Third Age, she runs art therapy workshops. Hobbies: traveling, experiencing new flavours and cultures, Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods, sport shooting.

Anna Traczyk

head of administration

She has been working in the field of medical industry and senior care since 2004. Hobbies: hiking and DIY.

A team of nurses and caretakers

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