The Origin Otwock Centre is the most innovative neurological rehabilitation facility in Poland and
one of a kind place that offers comprehensive care and therapy in dementia.

The centre is divided into 8 clusters. Each cluster can accommodate 12 to 20 people, creating a sense of intimate and homely atmosphere. For patient admission, please contact Customer Service.

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Snoezelen multi-sensory environment

  • Multi-sensory therapy provided in Snoezelen room is one of many forms of occupational therapy that improves functioning of patients at the Origin Otwock Centre.
  • Snoezelen room provides relaxing and  stimulating environment, and is beneficial for children, adults as well as individuals with cognitive, sensory and physical disabilities.
  • Revalidation classes, which take place in the room, use a variety of interactive, senses-stimulating devices and special atmosphere to offer multi-sensory stimulation that inspires activity in people undergoing the therapy, increases their ability to establish and maintain contact with caregivers, promotes mind  calming, relaxation, deepens sense of security.
  • Therapy in the Snoezelen room improves eye-hand coordination, spatial orientation, recognition and perception of stimuli, concentration, activates the sense of touch and smell, and stimulates balance and movement – proprioception – where our body is in space, and vestibular awareness – how fast we are moving and in what direction. The therapy is selected individually, depending on individual needs.
  • The room is equipped with various types of devices that stimulate human senses (sight, touch, taste, smell, sound and movement) through: light, shapes, vibrations, sounds and music as well as aromatherapy.
  • The room has been designed to suit the needs and comfort of our patients. There are places to sit, there is a pouf, and there is an armchair. Sensory stimulation in a pleasant environment
    provides relaxation and sense of security to people with dementia, while activating other skills. It is designed to create a relaxing and stimulating environment in which people using therapy can choose, observe, control and examine surrounding stimuli.

Park and therapeutic garden

  • The centre is surrounded by a large forest complex – a part of the Masovian Landscape Park. It is dominated by coniferous and pine stands, with juniper bushes prevailing as forest cover. Such combination of species plays essential role in creating the unique climate and health benefits. In addition to oxygen production, significant amounts of phytocides that have calming and antibacterial properties are released into the atmosphere. The volatile oils that are being released disinfect airways and dilate blood vessels.
  • Our patients and their guests may take advantage of a large, private pine-tree park, and a therapeutic garden, designed especially for people with dementia. This creates an opportunity to have immediate contact with nature and benefit from the richness of stimuli filling the forest surroundings of our Centre.
  • In the therapeutic garden, hydrotherapy is used to achieve specific therapeutic goals. Growing and caring for plants with experienced therapists is designed to inspire and absorb, develop creativity, accelerate recovery, improve physical and mental health.
  • Shinrin-yoku, or immersion in the forest, is a Japanese therapy using contact with nature as a technique supporting recovery. Walking and relaxing among the trees allow you to forget about ailments and incapacities. Scientifically proven benefits of this form of therapy include stimulation of immune system, lowering heart rate and production of stress hormone, improvement of mood, sleep and energy level, as well as acceleration of the body’s regeneration process.
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In order to receive an individual offer for inpatient mode, please send your patient’s medical records to the following e-mail address: or call Customer Service: tel. 573 418 396

To schedule a date for a medical, physiotherapeutic, neuropsychological, neurologopedic or rehabilitation consultation on an outpatient basis, please call the Reception Desk: tel. 22 102 60 80
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