Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of rehabilitation does ORIGIN Polska offer?

Origin Otwock Centre offers neurological rehabilitation (ORIGIN NeuroCare program). As of May 2020, Origin Kraków Centre will offer neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation (ORIGIN NeuroCare and ORIGIN OrtoCare programs). Both Centres will offer inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. More ORIGIN CENTERS will be coming soon.

  • What types of senior care does ORIGIN Polska offer?

In our Centre in Otwock, the first ORIGIN facility in Poland, we offer ORIGIN MemoryCare program for people with developed dementia, including those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. More senior-designated programs will appear as more ORIGIN CENTRES open: long-term care facilities for people with medium and high levels of dependence, as well as serviced apartments for independent seniors.

  • Does the Centre in Otwock diagnose dementia and determine health, fitness and independence level of the senior?

Certainly. Our seven-day evaluation program includes assessment of independence level. A comprehensive diagnostic report identifies threats and recommends further actions.
If home care is recommended, we offer free telephone consultations and short respite stays at preferential prices.

  • What is the price of rehabilitation services at ORIGIN Polska CENTERS?

The price depends on type of accommodation and cost of the required rehabilitation. The price is contingent on the involvement of medical staff and physiotherapists, as well as the type of equipment required for rehabilitation.
The final price, which may vary from the estimated price, can be accurately specified only after a several-day long diagnostic stay, when a team of our specialists will determine the actual condition of the patient and prepare a detailed rehabilitation program,

  • What is the price of stay at CENTRUM ORIGIN Polska for a person with dementia?

The price depends on the stage of the disease. At ORIGIN CENTER in Otwock, we offer care to people in different stages of dementia, including advanced dementia, The price is determined by the type of accommodation and the intensity of the care required, as well as the cost of any additional services, including treatments or specialised examinations that could not be performed at our facilities (x-rays, dental procedures, etc.). The final price, which may vary from the estimated price, can be accurately specified only after a several-day long diagnostic stay, when a team of our specialists will determine the actual condition of the patient and prepare a detailed rehabilitation program,

  • When will more information regarding serviced senior apartments be available? and what will be the conditions for using them? Do you need to buy such an apartment?

The more specific information regarding Origin serviced apartments will probably available some time in 2020. These apartments will be available for rent and for sale. The rented units will require 1 month notice. The monthly fees will include a wide array of services including therapeutic and activating programs developed in Canada, nutrition program, cleaning and 24-hour access to ORIGIN medical and care staff.

  • Can residents receive guests?

We are aware that family visits have a positive impact on people staying with us, which is why the doors at ORIGIN CENTERS are always open to them. They just need to report their arrival and departure at the reception desk.

  • Is 24-hour care provided at ORIGIN ENTERS?

24/7 nursing care is provided at Origin Centres. Specialised care is available during weekdays. In case of a doctor’s absence, nursing staff will always be able to consult them via phone.

  • Are the rooms and / or apartments furnished?

All rooms for rehabilitation patients are furnished.
In the long-term care rooms and serviced apartments we foresee thepossibility of using patients’ own furniture. All rooms have standard beds with an electrically controlled frame.
For dementia patients we encourage bringing their favourite items such as an armchair, table or desk, paintings, framed photos, a clock, etc.

  • Is smoking of tobacco products / vaping allowed in ORIGIN Polska CENTRES?

In our CENTERS there is a strict ban on smoking both tobacco and e-cigarettes.
This ban applies to residents as well as all staff and all guests.

  • Is consuming alcoholic beverages allowed in ORIGIN Polska CENTRES?

With the exception of serviced apartments, alcohol is not served in our CENTRES and it must not be consumed.

  • Can a family take a resident for some time in our promise?

We believe that close contact with family and friends is extremely important for our residents.  ndependent patients and patients requiring only partial assistance can leave our facilities whenever they want, although for security reasons we must be informed about cases of staying outside the facility at night. For MemoryCare patients with dementia, a special procedure must be followed.

  • Are priests available in ORIGIN CENTERS?

Each ORIGIN CENTER cooperates with a local parish – therefore priesthood services are available.

  • What additional services are available in ORIGIN CENTERS?

At Origin Otwock Centre you can take advantage of several additional services, including: individual care, individual rehabilitation programs, optional trips, etc.

  • List of items required upon admission to the ORIGIN Centre

Toiletries such as sponges, liquid soap and shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush, cosmetics, moisturizing body lotion, shaving accessories, shaving cream and shaving foam. Cotton clothes appropriate for patient’s condition and the season, including plain and white socks for activities and rehabilitation sessions. Lightweight, lace-up or Velcro sport shoes. A detailed list of necessary items is available on PATIENT INFORMATION page on our website.

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