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VOTUM Polish Functional Rehabilitation Center

The cooperation between Origin Poland and the VOTUM Polish Center for Functional Rehabilitation was initiated in 2019. Thanks to it, PCRF patients – people after accidents, strokes and brain surgeries, including after awakening from a coma – have the opportunity to benefit from rehabilitation conducted according to Origin’s innovative standards, using the latest technologies and therapeutic methods.
Thanks to the cooperation of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, neurologists, psychologists, caregivers and occupational therapists forming a multidisciplinary, highly experienced team of specialists, severely injured PCRF patients have a chance to regain, if not the full range, then at least some of the most important skills necessary for daily independent functioning.
PCRF VOTUM has been pursuing its mission for 12 years. Joining forces with Origin has opened up access to comprehensive, world-class rehabilitation, and allows us to extend assistance to more patients and accelerate the pace of expected results.

Inovamed Sp. z o. o.

The cooperation between Center Origin Kraków and Center Origin Otwock and Inovamed began in 2021 to enable amputees to benefit from customized, innovative prosthetic solutions. Inovamed is a combination of more than 100 years of tradition and experience of the best prosthetic factories with state-of-the-art global technologies. This synergy makes it possible to meet all individual needs and requirements of customers of all ages. It is important to build comprehensive and long-term relationships between the prosthetics workshop, physiotherapists and customers, as the process of improving a patient often lasts many years and does not end at the stage of fitting and one-time sale of a prosthesis.

Inovamed is the only company in Poland to provide therapy for head alignment deformities in infants using corrective helmets made by 3D printing. This makes the helmet lighter and more breathable than traditional solutions. Measurement is taken using a 3D scan of the head which gives great accuracy and comfort for the little patient. Placement deformities occur in 1% of newborns.
– Inovmed has experience working with the youngest patients not only in helmet therapy but also prosthetics from the first months of life.
– Inovamed uses modern technologies such as scanning and 3D printing to provide patients with the highest quality supplies.
– Thanks to the use of components from a variety of manufacturers (Ottobock, Ossur, Proteor, Steeper, Fillauer, Blatchford, Glaze Prosthetics, Neuhoff), Inovamed provides patients with orthopedic supplies that are best suited to their needs and abilities.

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