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Pricing - Rehabilitation

with full board, nursing care, preliminary consultations with specialistsdayfrom 135 PLN
3-person, 2-person and 1-person rooms – upon availabilitymonthfrom 4490 PLN
functional rehabilitation55’110 PLN
functional rehabilitation - Saturdays and holidays55’130 PLN
neurologist20’200 PLN
neuropsychologist / clinical speech therapist - consultation30’80 PLN
neuropsychologist / clinical speech therapist - diagnosis60’200 PLN
neuropsychologist / clinical speech therapist - diagnosis issue20’40 PLN
neuropsychologist clinical speech therapist - therapy30’70 PLN
occupational therapy45’80 PLN
Caregiver / full board (extra bed)day90 PLN
rehabilitation doctor - first visit60'200 PLN
rehabilitation doctor - subsequent visits30'135 PLN
orthopaedist30'150 PLN
physiotherapist30'80 PLN
Robotic rehabilitation
ReoAmbulator – robotic gait retraining platform for individuals after strokes, injuries and with other neurological dysfunctions45'150 PLN
DST stairs - an automatic platform for retraining of walking and step-climbing, used in rehabilitation of individuals after strokes, injuries and with other
neurological dysfunctions
30'50 PLN
ReoGo - robotic system for upper limb therapy for individuals after strokes, injuries and with other neurological dysfunctions30'100 PLN
Rapael - interactive hand therapy system for individuals after strokes, injuries or with other neurological dysfunctions30'50 PLN
Antigravity treadmill - a platform for gait re-training with pneumatic antigravity system for individuals after strokes, injuries, injuries and with other
neurological dysfunctions
30 PLN
50 PLN
70 PLN
CPM splint - continuous passive movement therapy in post-surgery treatment of knee and ankle joints30'
20 PLN
35 PLN
Vibration platform machine - prevention of osteoporosis, improvement of joint mobility, balance, motor coordination, fat burning, cellulite reduction, skin firming
and rejuvenation, stimulation of metabolism
40'20 PLN
Neuroforma - functional rehabilitation system for individual physical and cognitive exercises for individuals after strokes, injuries, multiple sclerosis
and other neurological disorders
30'60 PLN
HUR I-Balance balance platform - assessment and training of balance and coordination, fall prevention
One-time evaluation + session
Each subsequent session
40 PLN
30 PLN
C-Eye (CYBER EYE) - a modern system of tracking eyeball movement that enables communication and rehabilitation of patients recovering
from strokes, coma and other severe, neurological conditions
30'60 PLN
Individual therapy - strengthening, stretching and relaxing exercises30'
80 PLN
110 PLN
Sling exercise therapy - used to increase muscle strength, endurance, strengthen the deep muscles or loosen taut muscles; improve stability
of the joints and stimulate sensorimotor system and finally – improve well-being, health, posture and gait, to maintain good physical shape
20' - 30'30 PLN
Circuit training - a series of exercises performed in rotation with minimal rest, targeting strength building and muscular endurance
Obligatory one-time physiotherapy assessment including interview, balance platform exercise, diagnostic massage, selection of individual training program
90'120 PLN
TR Therapy - targeted radiofrequency therapy - local muscle contractures, trigger points, muscle and tendon disorders, spine complaints, injuries and
associated oedemas, instantly pain reduction, tense muscles relaxation and damaged tissue regeneration.
20'70 PLN
SWT - shock wave therapy for chronic soft tissue injuries and certain bone conditions, which uses gate-control theorytreatment40 PLN
HIL high energy laser - analgesic, regenerative, stimulating15'40 PLN
Cryosauna - cold therapy (1.5 - 3 minutes)
Single session in combination with a warm-up exercises
Package of 10 sessions
about 15'
10 treatments
40 PLN
360 PLN
Hyperbaric chamber - hyperbaric oxygen therapy - a non-invasive therapeutic method providing 100% oxygen at increased pressure to ischemic
body cells - oxygenation, cell reconstruction, slowing of the aging process. Absolute contraindication - Bleomycin
60'120 PLN
Salus Talent - non-invasive treatment of urinary incontinence, erection disorders, back-painup to 30'
8 treatments
10 treatments
50 PLN
380 PLN
450 PLN
SIS - SUPER INDUCTIVE STIMULATION –high-intensity electromagnetic field therapeutic stimulation with analgesic and regenerative effects,
for pain relief, fracture healing, myorelaxation, myostimulation and joint mobilization
treatment50 PLN
Ultrasound / therapy with very high frequency acoustic waves - analgesic effect, muscle relaxation, inflammatory processes inhibitiontreatment20 PLN
Ultrasound / Phonophoresis - drug introduction into tissues with ultrasound waves - treatment of joint inflammation, post injuries,
in osteoarthritis - the drug is to be delivered by the patient
treatment20 PLN
Electrotherapy / TENS, electrostimulation, diadynamic, interference, electroplating, Kotz, Trabert, iontophoresis - drug provided by the patienttreatment20 PLN
Electromyography / MYOTRAC - post-stroke rehabilitation through muscle re-education, postsurgical stimulation, improvement of local circulation,
prophylaxis or delaying muscle atrophy, maintaining or increasing the range of motion, relaxation of overstretched/strained muscles
treatment30 PLN
Laser therapy / bio stimulation laser - stimulation of tissue blood supply, membrane transport, analgesic effecttreatment20 PLN
Low-frequency magnetic field - effective acceleration damaged tissues of regeneration, pain relief, anti-inflammatory effecttreatment20 PLN
Local cryotherapy - reduction of pain and swelling, elimination of inflammation through use of a very cold nitrogen vapourstreatment20 PLN
Phototherapy / Sollux lamp - treatment of muscle pain, inflammation, skin changes, injuries and light circulatory disorderstreatment20 PLN
LYMPHASTIM, mechanical lymphatic drainage using a stream of compressed air - stimulation of natural blood and lymph circulation, drainage of
excess water in the body, treatment of chronic swelling and cellulite, prevention of varicose veins, excellent supplementation to postoperative care and
after liposuction
treatment60 PLN
Therapeutic massage – muscle stiffness, tension and pain relaxation/improvement/treatment, low back pain treatment30'60 PLN
Relaxing massage – relaxation, well-being improvement60'100 PLN
Centrifuge kkg - lower limb massage15'30 PLN
Centrifuge kkg - upper limb massage20'30 PLN
Hot tub - whirlpool bath20'40 PLN

Cennik - ReVital

Masaż uciskowy lymphastim
kończyn górnych lub dolnych
Komora hiperbaryczna45’1203406301000
Kriosauna + ćwiczenia rozgrzewające20'40110200320
Masaż robotyczny na łóżku wodnym
na sucho
Masaż robotyczny na łóżku wodnym
na sucho
Super indukcyjna stymulacja10’50140240400
Krioterapia miejscowa3’2055100160
Masaż leczniczy/ relaksacyjny30’60170330540
Hydromasaż kończyn górnych15’3085165270
Hydromasaż kończyn dolnych20’3085165270
Kąpiel całościowa w wannie
z hydromasażem
Laser wysokoenergetyczny hil8’40110210260
Platforma balansowa 1-razowa ewaluacja+1sesja5+20’40---
Platforma balansowa każda następna sesja20’3085160250
TR- Therapy - terapia radiofalowa ukierunkowana
szyja + dekolt25'120300500800
piersi + dekolt30’1504007001100
wiotkość ramion30’1504007001100
uda + bryczesy50’27075014002150
uda + pośladki80’400110021003200
HIL Esthe - terapia laserem wysokoenergetycznym
lifting skóry - cała twarz50’25070013002000
lifting skóry - twarz + szyja60’30085016002450
lifting skóry - twarz + szyja + dekolt80’400110021003200
lifting skóry - okolica ust20’100250450700
lifting skóry - okolica oczu20’100250450700
lifting skóry - owal twarzy (chomiki)20’100250450700
lifting skóry - dłonie50’25070013002000
redukcja trądziku - czoło, broda5’40100190290
redukcja trądziku - nos, policzek5’40100190290
redukcja trądziku - plecy20’100290560850
łysienie - stymulacja cebulek włosów10’50140260400
Terapia falami uderzeniowymi
brzuchok 30'30080015002300
boczkiok 15'1504007001100
udaok 40'30080015002300
bryczesyok 15'1504007001100
pośladkiok 10'25070013002000
uda + pośladkiok 50'400110020003100
wiotkość ramion "pelikany"ok 15'1504007001100
Bieżnia antygrawitacyjna
bieżnia antygrawitacyjna30'3080140220
bieżnia antygrawitacyjna60'50140260300
bieżnia antygrawitacyjna90'70200380580
Masaż robotyczny na łóżku wodnym
masaż robotyczny suchy30'3590170300
masaż robotyczny suchy50'50130240450
Masaż uciskowy Lymphastim30-60'60160290500
Komora hiperbaryczna45-60'1203406001000
Platforma wibracyjna40'205090140
Kriosauna + ćwiczenia rozgrzewające15'40100180350
BCM -pomiar składu ciała-----

Pricing - Senior Care

diagnostics7 daysfrom 2450 PLN
  • Duration - 7 days
  • Determining the stage of the disease
  • Assessment of mental, speech therapy and nutritional status
  • A comprehensive geriatric assessment, neuropsychological assessment of cognitive functions and assessment
  • A comprehensive diagnostic report with recommendations for proper care, prepared by a consulate of Origin specialists, person in making a decision about continuing home care. In case of its continuation, it is recommended to use deterioration in the functional or mental state of the sick person
  • Free telephone consultations with specialists at the ORIGIN OTWOCK CENTER available for 6-months
  • Laboratory, neuroimaging and additional tests depending on your needs
  • The possibility to use a paid respite program without re-diagnostics

dementia - mild to intermediate stagemonthfrom 4490 PLN
  • The program is intended for patients in the light and intermediate stages of the disease - MMSE 11-23 points
  • Classic physiotherapy - improving mobility of joints and spine
  • Individual classes with speech therapist and psychologist
  • Neuropsychological therapy - training of cognitive functions such as memory, attention, language and visual-spatial functions)
  • Occupational therapy, including: reminiscence therapy, art-therapy, music therapy, training of basic and complex skills, group walks and classes in the therapeutic garden, sensory therapy in the Snoezelen room, exercise therapy: dance, gymnastics, improvement exercises, visual-spatial skills training, tree therapy
  • A series of therapies and individual classes to determine the state of health and disease progression - during the last week of each month of stay
  • Monthly report prepared by a team of specialists - upon family request

dementia - advanced stagemonthfrom 5990 PLN
  • Program for mobile or wheelchair patients in the advanced stage of the disease - MMSE below 10 points
  • The scope of daily activities tailored to the individual capabilities of the patient
  • Increased number of hours for individual therapies
  • Intensified nursing and therapeutic supervision
  • Daily Naomi Feil gerontological validation
  • Daily evaluation observation conducted by a team of specialists during the last week of each month
  • Monthly report - upon family request

Pricing - Clinics

Neurologist2o’PLN 200
Speech therapist - consultation30'PLN 80
Speech therapist - diagnosis60’PLN 200
Speech therapist - diagnosis issuance20’PLN 40
Speech therapist - therapy30’PLN 70
Neuropsychologist - consultation30’PLN 80
Neuropsychologist - diagnosis60’PLN 200
Neuropsychologist - diagnosis issuance20’PLN 40
Neuropsychologist - therapy30’PLN 70
Orthopaedist30’PLN 150
Psychiatrist60’PLN 200
Geriatrician60’PLN 160
Rehabilitation doctor - first visit60’PLN 200
Rehabilitation doctor - subsequent visits30’PLN 135
Cardiologist30’PLN 200
Internist (Internal medicine doctor)30’PLN 150
Physiotherapist 30'30’PLN 80

ul. Hajoty 49
01-821 Warszawa
tel. +48 (22) 279 49 00

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