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innowacyjna rehabilitacja i opieka senioralna Origin

Discover unique and truly holistic model of geriatric/senior care at Origin Centres

At Origin Otwock Centre, we offer comprehensive range of geriatric care and assistance services (assisted living) for seniors, especially those affected with dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, people with Parkinson’s disease, as well as seniors with various degrees of independence. Care is provided in a dedicated part of the facility, which has been divided into separate clusters, accommodating several people each. Every cluster has its own common room and nurse station.

Dementia/Alzheimer care Discover our unique MemoryCare program

opieka senioralna w warszawie i krakowie memorycare

Comprehensive care program for individuals living with dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease and other brain disorders, offered at Origin Otwock Centre.

We aim at slowing down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and maintaining the proper emotional state of sick individuals through limitation of challenging behaviours and mood changes. Our xperienced and highly qualified care personnel, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and doctors use the highest rated methodology used in the global market for geriatric services. In line with the principles of gerontological validation, they encourage patients to be as independent as possible, assisting and supporting them in situations where they lack strength, determination and judgement. Cognitive stimulation and all forms of therapy are offered daily, 7 days a week at the Origin Centre in Otwock near Warsaw.

Movement/exercise therapy

Regular exercises aiming to improve motor function and mobility and prevent falls; cardio workout; classic physiotherapy to improve joint and spine range of motion and muscle strength; massages and physical therapy

Neuropsychological and neurological therapy

Memory training, cognitive skills strengthening, attention, concentration and alertness improvement, including computer-based cognitive and motor rehabilitation

Occupational therapy

Daily activation including visual-spatial coordination training, art-therapy, music therapy, basic and complex skills training

Sensory therapy

A multi-sensory environment offered in Snoezelen’ room, providing active or passive interaction with lights, colours, shapes, music and scents that invariably amaze and stimulate patients’ senses.

Senior care – inpatient stay options

  • Duration – 7 days
  • Determination of the severity of the disease
  • Assessment of mental, speech therapy and nutritional status
  • A comprehensive geriatric assessment, evaluation of cognitive functions and functional status in a specially designed training apartment
  • A comprehensive diagnostic report with recommendations for proper care, prepared
    by a team of Origin specialists, aimed to help families of sick individuals to choose between home and institutional care. For individuals in home-care, we recommend repeating MC-DGN program at least twice a year, or if visible deterioration of the functional and/or mental state of the sick individual is observed
  • Free 6-month telephone consultations with specialists at the ORIGIN OTWOCK CENTRE
  • Laboratory, neuroimaging and additional tests – as required
  • No preliminary assessment with subsequent respite stays
  • Intended for patients in early and mid- stages of dementia – MMSE 11-23 points.
  • Classic physiotherapy to improve mobility of joints and spine
  • Speech and psychological therapy – individual sessions
  • Neuropsychological therapy – training of cognitive functions such as memory, attention, language and visual-spatial functions
  • Occupational therapy, including: reminiscence therapy, art-therapy, music therapy, training of basic and complex skills, group walks and activities in the therapeutic garden, sensory therapy in the Snoezelen room, movement therapy: dance, gymnastics, exercises to improve, visuospatial fitness exercises
  • Therapies and individual activities aimed to determine health and disease progression – last week of each month of stay
  • Monthly report, available upon request
  • Program for mobile or wheelchair patients in the advanced stage of the disease – MMSE below 10 points.
  • Daily activities tailored to patient’s individual capabilities
  • Increased amount of individual therapies
  • Intensified nursing and therapeutic supervision
  • Daily gerontological validation – Naomi Feil method
  • Daily evaluation carried out by a team of specialists throughtout last week of month
  • Monthly report, available upon request

Professional, short-term care for seniors requiring assistance in performing their daily tasks during their caregiver’s absence.
We provide a comfortable stays in a friendly atmosphere and a peaceful, forest environment that allow patients to change surroundings, enjoy activities, make new friends and regain strength.

Minimum length of stay – 7 days

Prices starting from 250 PLN per day include:
– accommodation in a single/double room
– full board
– 24-hour care
– medical care
– individual and group activities and integration classes
The price does not cover drugs, personal care and  hygiene products and additional services not listed in the offer
For additional fee:
– medical specialists
– laboratory tests
– rehabilitation treatments

The offer is available year-round.

Our therapeutic programs

Original Expressions™

INSPIRATION Original Expressions™ inspires our residents’ creative sides. We offer painting classes for beginners and advanced painters, as well as crafting, baking, and more. The camaraderie of creating together allows your imagination to flow.

Origin Swing Fitness™

REJUVENATION Origin Swing Fitness™ offers a range of exercise routines each day. From Gentle Yoga and seated exercise classes through Swing Fitness Boot Camp, our classes are progressive and safe. Our fitness staff is certified and knowledgeable and leads exciting classes that keep you coming back again and again. Go at your own pace to reach your health goals, improve your well-being, and feel renewed.

Origin Tempo™

CONNECTION Origin Tempo™ allows music to move you in extraordinary ways. We offer group music instruction, signing groups and music therapy. Try a ‘Conductorcize’ class, join in the resident choir, or even try your hand at learning a new instrument. Tempo is a wonderful way to join in with others to learn new songs and enjoy old ones.

Club Origin™

BELONGING Club Origin™ offers you a venue and programs to grow your social circle. Taking part in daily fitness and other special events at an Origin community will help you meet friends, connect with staff and see the benefits of living in an Active Lifestyle Community firsthand. We invite you to join us.

Origin’s PowerStride™

INVIGORATION Origin’s PowerStride™ is an excellent way to stay fit while enjoying the great outdoors. Our residents let their feet carry them where they will, whether it’s just in the neighbourhood or somewhere farther afield. Walking and talking together is a great way to get in some fitness, fresh air and forge new friendships.

Origin’s Living Green™

CONTACT WITH NATURE Origin’s Living Green™ connects residents who have prominent green thumbs. Gardening groups tend the Chef’s Gardens, providing herbs and vegetables for the rest of the community.

Origin ThinkFit™

ENLIGHTMENT Origin ThinkFit™ challenges you to exercise your mind and learn something new. Brain fitness The Origin Way™ gives participants a mental workout. Whether you want to show off vast repositories of pop culture knowledge and participate in our trivia games, or prefer to learn a new language, Origin offers new challenges.

Origin Works™

ACCOMPLISHMENT Origin Works™ fosters a sense of accomplishment through working with your hands. Our programs bring together like-minded individuals to create projects big or small, in group or on your own.

Origin’s Balance for Life™

CONFIDENCE/BALANCE Origin’s Balance for Life™ trains and educates our residents about fall prevention by encouraging participation in exercises to enhance balance, strengthen the lower body and core muscles and ultimately build confidence and reduce fear of falling. Work through sessions led by our trained instructors and you will see your confidence grow.

Origin’s Spirit of Giving™

CARING Origin’s Spirit of Giving™ organizes activities for residents to work together to raise money or create handmade or baked goods to give to others. Feel the satisfaction of a job well done and know that you made a difference.

Origin Way-to-Go™

ADVENTURE Origin Way-to-Go™ lets you hop on the bus and get ready to experience a new and exciting adventure. Day trips as well as visiting local sites of interest are all part of this program.

Healthy Choice Options™

ENERGY Healthy Choice Options™ Origin makes it easy to fuel your body by offering a daily lighter-fare menu. The meals are lower in calories and sodium but never compromising the flavour. By opting for these specially designed choices, you are setting yourself up for improved health and increased energy for life at Origin, where there is always something to do.

Accommodation in Origin Centres

In our centres your loved one will feel at home. For seniors suffering form diseases such
as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia we offer the following accommodations:

Our Centres have been designed with dementia patient’s safety and comfort in mind.

  • Comfortable single and double rooms with homely ambience
  • 5 meals a day prepared on site as per dietary guidelines
  • Well-marked bathrooms facilitating orientation even at night
  • Contrasting, clearly visible and easy to use handles and knobs
  • Room furniture designed specially for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease: fronts and tops with rounded corners and edges, safe acrylic glass in the fronts of wardrobes and chests of drawers, revealing their content and facilitating performance of everyday tasks by those with cognitive and visual impairments
  • Possibility of bringing in a favourite small furniture pieces, such as a chair, armchair, small
    table, picture, etc.
  • Limited storage available in the storage room

Coordinated senior care
See what our activities look like

Welcoming summer at Origin Otwock Centre

At Origin Otwock Centre we make patients feel at home

Gallery of our photos

Price list

dementia - mild to intermediate stagemonthfrom 6100 PLN
  • The program is intended for patients in the light and intermediate stages of the disease - MMSE 11-23 points
  • Classic physiotherapy - improving mobility of joints and spine
  • Individual classes with speech therapist and psychologist
  • Neuropsychological therapy - training of cognitive functions such as memory, attention, language and visual-spatial functions)
  • Occupational therapy, including: reminiscence therapy, art-therapy, music therapy, training of basic and complex skills, group walks and classes in the therapeutic garden, sensory therapy in the Snoezelen room, exercise therapy: dance, gymnastics, improvement exercises, visual-spatial skills training, tree therapy
  • A series of therapies and individual classes to determine the state of health and disease progression - during the last week of each month of stay
  • Monthly report prepared by a team of specialists - upon family request

dementia - advanced stagemonthfrom 7200 PLN
  • Program for mobile or wheelchair patients in the advanced stage of the disease - MMSE below 10 points
  • The scope of daily activities tailored to the individual capabilities of the patient
  • Increased number of hours for individual therapies
  • Intensified nursing and therapeutic supervision
  • Daily Naomi Feil gerontological validation
  • Daily evaluation observation conducted by a team of specialists during the last week of each month
  • Monthly report - upon family request
short-term stay (minimum 14 days)dayfrom 213 PLN

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